Handmade objects always have a story. They have a real character and charm over mass-produced items. My blog is featuring all the handmade items I make and I'm also going to post Free Patterns for crocheting, knitting and other crafts. I'm also going to post my favourite recipes for free! Are you interested in a certain pattern or recipe? Feel free to contact me.

I love to recycle books and records and create unique purses, clocks, IPhone docks, Ereader Tablet Covers, hollow safe books. You can find my crafting in My RETROGRANDMA Etsy Store

I also love to seek out collectible treasures and you can find them in my RetroClassics shop on Etsy

I've had a number of opportunities for my unique handmade items to be featured on many blogs. I LOVE the RETRO ERA and that's why they call me "RETROGRANDMA"! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/Retrograndma

23 November 2009

Black Friday Cyber Monday @ RetroGrandma's

'Tis the Season! Why be in long line-ups at the stores? Shop from your home for the most unique gifts you will never find out there. Check out my items ...they will make heads turn, spark conversations. Record and Book handbags, clocks, earring holders, security safes, and more! Come visit RetroGrandma at Etsy.
AND check out my Vintage shop at RetroClassics in Etsy.....A BLAST FROM THE PAST! toys, kitchenware, books, games, decorative collectibles, dolls, bedding + more!

28 June 2009

Recycled Nancy Drew Book Purse Handbag

The Ringmaster's Secret Nancy Drew Book Purse....these are still my favourite and the most popular items I sell. Everyone read Nancy Drew in the past and they are a classic. I have many more books that I will be eventually making book purses out of. Each one is unique and I don't tire of making them at all.

3 June 2009

Go Gos Vacation Vinyl Record Tote Handbag

The Go Go's - Vacation Record Handbag. Some record covers are just amazing - and the Go Go's are one of them. I also have another one of their's listed called Beauty and the Beast and the cover is also cool. I've sold a few of these already - customer's love them! Great handbag to carry and spark conversation! You'll be sure to be noticed :-)

20 March 2009

The Go Go's Beauty and the Beat Record Purse

I've come up with a different twist to a record handbag. This particular one is made from the vinyl record of the Go Go's - Beauty and the Beat. They play some great pumped up music! I created a few of these and they are selling quick. I've priced them at an affordable price - so that could be the reason why.

Button ribbon loop closure, polyweb handle, and plastic canvas for bottom and sides sewn on with strong yarn. Watch heads turn as you walk down the street with this conversational purse! Your friends will envy you for this Blast from the past purse!

1 March 2009

The Beatles Record Handbag

You sure don't come across The Beatles Albums anymore - getting harder to find now. I came across this particular album Beatlemania and made a neat handbag out of it. I love it so much...not sure if I should sell it. You can find it in my Etsy store http://www.retrograndma.etsy.com or my Bonanzle store http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/retrograndma.

17 February 2009

I'm Addicted to making Book Purses!!!!!!!

Okay I admit...I have a problem - I'm addicted to making book purses! I couldn't resist making one out of this Concise Repair Manual book. You know the phrase "I have everything but the kitchen sink in my purse". Well now you have everything to repair your sink too!

Oh yeah...I have the week off of work - so guess what I'm making? ha!

3 February 2009

1951 Recycled Altered Book PURSE Handbag ENGLISH WRITERS

This vintage book made a great purse! 1951 hardcover book that looks like it's been read many times - which gives the handbag character! You can purchase it either from Etsy or from Bonanzle.

1 February 2009

Willie Nelson Merle Haggard

I couldn't resist making a handbag out of this record cover. Two of the best country artists Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. There are only certain country artists I can listen to and they are one of them. I love the 1970's rock music - I don't think any era can beat all the great music of that time! We have a record collection and enjoy all the music from then all the time.

31 January 2009

My NEW Bonanzle Booth

Have you heard of Bonanzle? I've opened up a Booth and I'm excited. It was voted the best EBAY alternative! See my widget on the left hand side and you can view all my items in my Booth. You can actually chat online to your customers on the site. Listing is fast and easy. People are friendly over there - when I opened I had many "welcoming" me. I'm still with Ebay, but if you notice my widget with them RARELY works - just like everything else over there :-(

9 January 2009

Recycled Wallets The BEATLES

Wow...I haven't blogged for a long time. Just been crazy busy! Now I got into making recycled wallets out of pages from magazines or books. Check out one of the many Beatles wallets I made. They are another "Blast From the Past"! I also have The Trolls, Pamela Lee Anderson, Rainbow Brite, and Sesame Street. Check back again as I will add new titles.